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Online consultation Slots

Welcome to the center for Reproductive Medicine and Robotic Surgery online consultation scheduling page. The Center offers this innovative and unique way of medical consultation mainly for international and national patients. Any patient who have atleast 3 hours of driving to our center are eligible for online consultation. The consultation is typically for an hour. The patients (couple) can see and talk to the Doctor at the Center online in real time through skype. During the consultation your medical history is reviewed and appropriate testing and treatment options are discussed. Please follow the instructions to make your online consultation appointment.

1. Select the consultation appointment of your choice from the slots given below

2. Enter all your medical information (history, diagnosis tests done, treatments done etc)

3. Make the online payment of $100 using the credit card.

4. You will receive an appointment confirmation by email.

5. Please make sure that your computer has skype installed. If not install skype from this link

6. The Center will contact you before your appointment time for further instructions.
⚠ No consultation slots are available.