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Annual Well Women Exam

An annual exam is a once-a-year visit to your gynecologist for a general health check, including a breast exam and a pap smear.  You can expect the following during your well woman exam visit:

Insurance concerns:  Please check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered for yearly preventive medicine visits or women’s health exams.  Insurance companies have different rules for preventive coverage.  Most companies allow for only one well woman exam per 365 day period and most strictly enforce the policy coverage.  Failing to check your benefits and understand your coverage could result in an unexpected medical expense.  
Medicare covers pap smears every two years and mammograms every year.  If you are considered high risk, Medicare will pay for annual pap smears.  Medicare does not cover routine annual exams.  You may choose to have a routine physical but you will be responsible for paying for services out of your own pocket.